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Ed Watts Studio

Sweet Chestnut Leaf Cyanotype Cushion

Sweet Chestnut Leaf Cyanotype Cushion

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Handmade Cyanotype cushion featuring a large Sweet Chestnut leaf, two Maple leaves, two leaves from a Standard Service Tree and two small Chestnut leaves.

100% cotton calico fabric front and back. The back is plain calico with two blue poppers.

This comes as cushion cover only, to keep delivery costs as low as possible. This cover takes a 40 x 40 cm cushion pad which are widely available online and on the High Street.

These cushions are made from calico cotton fabric. The material is coated with a cyanotype solution and exposed to the sun with objects placed on it (leaves, feathers etc), washed and dried. Then they are turned into beautiful products by the super talented we_are_mountain.

Each one is completely unique and the objects on them have all been collected by me on one of my many long stomps across the South Downs with my loyal assistant Morse The Whippet!

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