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Ed Watts Studio

Dippy & Worthing Wheel

Dippy & Worthing Wheel

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Dippy the Diplodocus has left his home in London and decided to make Sunny Worthing, on the south coast of England, his home!

Dippy loved to watch people going round and round on the Worthing WOW when it was in town. He would have loved to have a go at paddle boarding, but he'd need something the size of one of the container ships he could see out at see to take his weight!

A4 prints are modelled by Pauline the Parasaurolophus and Dave the Deinonychus and have a printed area of approx 26 x 17.5cm.

A3 prints are modelled by Barry and Brenda the Brachiosauri and have a printed area of approx 38 x 25.5cm.

Also available as an A3 original 4 layer hand-pulled screenprint and as a greetings card.

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